Community Relations and Awareness

With over 1,250 km of gas pipelines under operation across South Australia, Epic recognises the importance of ensuring people who live or work near the company's gas transmission pipelines are aware of those pipelines and their operation.'

Epic aims to maintain a high level of public safety through Community Awareness Programmes specially developed to promote awareness of the company's assets and operational requirements.

Pipeline Operations
Pipelines are one of the safest forms of transporting fuel such as natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons, but damage to a pipeline causing gas or liquid to escape can be dangerous.

Public awareness and understanding of pipeline operations is vital to the continued safe operations of pipelines owned and operated by Epic.

Follow this link to Epic's Pipeline Safety page for important information on:

  • Dial Before You Dig 1100 - Pipeline Location Service'
  • Do's and Don'ts Near An Underground Pipeline'
  • How to Identify Pipeline Leaks'
  • What to do in an Emergency ' Free Call 1800 625 665

Download a copy of a brochure titled 'Protecting Pipelines Protects You', in either English or Vietnamese

Pipeline Awareness Program

Epic's Pipeline Awareness Program aims to raise awareness of the presence of the company's buried high pressure gas pipelines and to increase understanding of the public's role in preventing third party damage to those pipelines.

The Pipeline Awareness Program includes:

  • Pipeline surveillance flights and road patrols being undertaken regularly along the entire pipeline route to detect potential or existing unauthorised activities on or near the pipeline easement.'
  • Ongoing liaison with landholders and local community groups along the pipeline route to inform people of the correct processes to follow when work is required within or close to pipeline easements.'
  • A commitment to fostering strong relationships with communities through which the company's pipeline pass.
  • Presentations to community organisations, such as local government departments, utilities, authorities, construction and excavation companies, to ensure there is an awareness of planning notification protocols and safe work practices in the vicinity of gas pipelines.

For more information about the Public Awareness Programme, or to arrange a presentation tailored to suit specific needs, please contact Epic's Dry Creek office on (08) 8343 8100.

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