Energy for a
brighter future

Epic Energy is committed to meeting Australia’s energy needs as we move into an exciting new era

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Boundless energy

Our modern world is built on energy. It runs our homes, our communities and our industries, enabling ever-improving standards of living and unmatched technological advancement.

While the sources of energy may change as the world evolves, our reliance on it will only intensify.

Epic Energy is committed to meeting Australia’s energy needs as we move into an exciting new era of social and industrial transformation.

Your partner in energy

Epic Energy is one of Australia’s leading energy infrastructure companies.

With a gas pipeline network spanning over 1200 kilometres, Epic Energy operates an energy super-highway, connecting energy retailers, power generators and industry with energy to drive our communities forward.

We are sizeable enough to meet the needs of the most complex customer or project, while being nimble enough to provide responsive and highly-personalised support.

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Connected energy

Epic Energy owns and operates two major gas transmission pipelines in South Australia – the Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline System (MAPS) and the South East Pipeline System (SEPS).

Our pipelines transport gas to customers supporting the residential, industrial and power generation sectors, with major customers including Origin Energy, AGL, Engie, Liberty OneSteel and Adelaide Brighton Cement.

Energised by people

While energy infrastructure is our business, it’s our focus on people and relationships that sets us apart.

As an organisation that values integrity, honesty and responsibility, our people are committed, supportive, dependable and passionate, and strive to deliver outstanding results for our customers every time.

It’s our people who have built our reputation for being one of the most authentic and trusted energy infrastructure providers in the country.

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Tomorrow's energy

At Epic Energy, we’re proud of our history and excited by the future.

While we recognise that gas is a vital element of Australia’s current energy mix, we understand that our world is undergoing transformation and new sources of energy will grow in importance over coming decades.

We’re committed to embracing these new energy directions, leveraging our knowledge, experience and capabilities to lead the way as our market transitions to tomorrow’s energy.