Business Overview

Epic Epic Compressor Station 4

Epic Energy is one of Australia’s leading energy infrastructure companies, connecting energy retailers, power generators and industry with the services they need to deliver energy to the community.

As the world transitions to new forms of energy, we are broadening our assets to encompass a diverse range of energy infrastructure for our customers.

We own and operate two major gas transmission pipelines in South Australia – the Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline System (MAPS) and the South East Pipeline System (SEPS) – and two wind farms in Victoria, Timboon West and Yawong, which deliver energy to the electricity grid.

Our transmission pipelines transport gas to customers supporting the residential, industrial and power generation sectors, with our major customers including Origin Energy, AGL, Engie, Liberty OneSteel and Adelaide Brighton Cement.

Emerging from some of the sector’s largest energy companies in 2012, Epic Energy has the pedigree and experience to play a significant role in Australia’s energy future.

At Epic Energy, we recognise that gas is a vital part of Australia’s current energy mix, but understand that the world is undergoing transformation and our energy needs will change too.

In April 2019, we acquired the Timboon West and Yawong Wind Farms in Victoria.

We are embracing these new directions, leveraging our knowledge, experience and capabilities as we transition to a new energy future.